Breakfast and After School Club

Everyone Matters Childcare Limited

Welcome to Everyone Matters;   the Breakfast and After School Clubs at Walton-le Dale Primary School.  Our clubs have been on site at the school for over ten years and we provide a safe, fun-filled environment for the children to play, relax and learn new skills before and after school.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am every morning during term-time. We provide a variety of cereals and fruit and ‘Janet’s Legendary Toast’!! We have a selection of activities such as colouring, board games and toys, and sometime we watch CBeebies. Breakfast Club is quite a calm place and we take the time to chat with the children and listen as they tell us what they are going to do in school today and what exciting things they have been up to at the weekends. It is a good opportunity to really get to know the children and understand their requirements so that we can tailor our Clubs to meet those needs. It gives the children the opportunity to make new friends from different classes and year groups so they can become more confident and courageous. As school begins we take the children to their classrooms and make sure they are ready for their school day.

Breakfast Club is open every day that school is open and costs £5.80 per child per day.

After School Club

After-School Club is open until 6pm every evening during term time.  We provide a snack at the beginning of the session and this can be wraps, sandwiches, pasta salad, sausage rollsetc.  We always have lots of fruit available and you would be surprised how many of the children adore raw carrots!!  Because the children have been in class all day, we make sure they have ample opportunity to run around and let-their-hair-down at After School Club.  The door to the playground is always open and they can play out whenever they want to; we have some playground equipment and lots of skipping ropes and outdoor toys.  Sometimes we go on the ‘big yard’ to play football and in the summer we go on the field and play rounders and cricket.  If it’s really sunny, we sometimes have ice lollies to cool down!  In the hall, we have a variety of art & craft activities, construction toys, board games and role play.  The games and activities are themed to complement the curriculum in school for the term and if the children are doing a particular topic, we can develop activities to expand on that for them.  So, for example, when they did ‘Mini-Beasts’ in school we bought caterpillars so the children could see them develop into butterflies and we have hunted round the school field with bug-boxes to see what we can find.

We also have a computer suite in the club so that the children can spend some time playing games and doing homework.  The computers are protected by the school Firewall so that the children cannot access any inappropriate sites.  We encourage the children to take part in a variety of activities through the evening so we only allow them to have short sessions on the computer.

After-School Club is £9.10 per child, per day and is open every day that school is open (except when school finishes at lunchtime). We can accommodate up to 80 children and the club currently has ten members of staff providing the care.

Booking a place

If you would like to secure a place, please e-mail us at  If we are full, we will put your child on the waiting list.

Ofsted Registration and Guidance

The clubs are registered with Ofsted on the Early Year Register and the compulsory and voluntary parts of the Childcare Register. We were last inspected by Ofsted in 2017 when we were awarded a Good rating.  We apply the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, with particular focus on the following four areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development;  The clubs provide unique opportunities for the children to develop these skills.  They learn to take-turns, to share and to respond to the needs of other children.  They are also learning to speak up for themselves and to mix with older and younger children.

Communication and Language;  There is more ‘space and time’ in the clubs than there is in a classroom so the staff can sit and listen to a child whilst they tell a tale or ask a question.  This means the children develop close links with our staff and learn to be more confident in their speech.  We also play games where shouting is encouraged and games where whispering is a must so that the children learn different communication techniques.  We sing songs while we skip, and shout-out to each other when we play sports.  All these things help our children to build their confidence and develop their own unique communication skills.

Expressive arts and design;  We use lots of glue and sequins in the clubs We are forever painting, gluing, sticking and colouring.  And there are no boundaries; the children can paint whatever they like and glue what they want on to it!  But sometimes we do themed art & craft too – we have made Easter pom-pom chicks, Chinese dragons, Mother’s day key rings, Father’s day ties, windmills and much more.

Physical Development;  We love playing out at the clubs! We skip, run, bounce, catch, throw, hop, jump and climb.


Safeguarding is one of our primary roles at the club and we are well placed to support the children and to notice any problems or concerns they may have. All of our staff receive Safeguarding Training and we have refresher training on a regular basis.  We have a ‘Nominated Officer’ in the club at all times and we investigate any complaints in accordance with Ofsted Guidance.


We accept a variety of workplace childcare voucher schemes and if your employer operates another scheme, we will sign up to it so that you can use voucher payments.  For families who do not use a voucher scheme, we take payments by BACS transfer.  We require payment in advance, weekly, monthly or termly.

Data Protection

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulations and a copy of our Privacy Policy is available in the Club if you would like to view it.

Company Details

Everyone Matters Childcare Limited provides Breakfast and After School Clubs at Walton-le-Dale so that pupils can have first-class ‘wrap around care’ and working families have ready access to safe childcare provision.

If you have any questions at all, please email the directors


Everyone Matters Childcare Limited, Walton le Dale Primary School, Severn Drive, Walton le Dale, PR5 4TD

Registered Company 8111523    Tel: 01772 697 449