Class Dojo Year 3 Trial

Dear Parents of children ready to move into Year 3,


We will be carrying out a trial this year by using ‘Class Dojo‘ to improve our communication and increase opportunities to share your child’s learning and behaviour with you. You may have received an email asking you to sign up. Please do so. You can then download the free app for Iphone/IPad or Android. Alternatively (or if you have a Windows Phone) you can access via the Class Dojo website. If you are being asked for a code, please email me the name of your child and request the code. I will then match check your email against the email I have for you and and then email you the code back.

If your child will be in Year 3 in September and you have not shared your email with school (or you have but you haven’t received an email invitation to Class Dojo), please can you email me: letting me know the email you would like to use for this and your child’s name and I will send out an invite. I apologise if you have already given the details to school but this is a separate system and I can only retrieve the email addresses I have already sent out.

We aim to use the package to:

  • Inform you about positive and negative behaviours your child carries out in school
    • We want to focus on positive behaviours but we hope that where necessary, where we inform you about any negative behaviours (such as repeatedly calling out or being off task in their work) it will offer valuable discussion opportunities for you with your child. Also, your child will know that you will be notified about these incidents. One area we need to look at during the trial is making sure parents of those children who always show great behaviour are informed as often as children who may sometimes make poor choices. Equally though, we do not want to spend time that will negatively impact on learning by pressing buttons to send to you rather than sitting with individual or groups of children, helping them in their learning. It is for that reason that you may find there is neither positive or negative behaviour information sent home every single day. We will find the balance that works best for the children’s learning during the trial. We welcome your feedback on this and any other use of the package.
  • As a replacement for our Loris and Kakapo class blogs
    • You will have a ‘stream’ of posts once you have logged in. This is a direct replacement for the class blog. It has the additional benefits of increased security (being behind a username and password) and also with the ability to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on things.
  • As a ‘student portfolio’
    • As we have 1:2 IPads in Year 3, once we are up and running, we plan to use Class Dojo for children to create their own portfolio. In other words, take photos with the IPads of work they are proud of and want to share with you and keep in their portfolio. Once we as teachers have approved each item, it will appear in your ‘stream’ and notification area of the free app (I think!)
  • As a messaging system between you and your child’s teacher
    • Within the system is the ability for us as teachers to send messages to you as parents (individually or as a group). I imagine teachers using it for things like:
      • “Don’t forget it is our class trip tomorrow”
      • “Well done to Eve, she is our Super Pupil this week!”
      • “Please can I speak to you at the end of the day”
    • Parents are also able to send messages to their class teacher, e.g:
      • “What book band is Alfie on as he has brought home….”
      •  “Is there anything I can do help Grace with…”
      • “Please can I speak to you at the end of the day”

If successful in improving communication/sharing your child’s learning and behaviour with you, we intend to extend the use to Year 4 and then wider afield.

Here are some introductory videos to help you understand the package more and get signed up:

Introduction video for children:

Introduction video for parents including help for setting up your account (made by a school teacher in America):

Best regards

Peter Richardson


  • Donna Hatton August 24, 2016 - 5:01pm

    Good idea


  • Eliza Adeel Abrar January 16, 2017 - 8:49am

    Good idea


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