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Reception are now moving to Class Dojo to support home-school communication.  This includes updates on learning which will replace this class blog. If you are a parent of a child in Reception please contact your class teacher. You can login to Class Dojo with the free Apple or Android apps or login here.

Our Reception Trip

What a wonderful trip to the Lakes Aquarium and a fantastic ride of the Steam train from Haverthwaite train station. The weather wasn’t ideal, however all the children had a fantastic time, behaved impeccably and represented school perfectly. The otters, piranhas and stingrays seemed to be the favourite animals.

Here are a few photos of the day, you may notice the torrential rain;

DSC00385[1] DSC00382[1] DSC00383[1] DSC00384[1] DSC00379[1] DSC00373[1] DSC00371[1] DSC00370[1] DSC00375[1] DSC00380[1] DSC00364[1] DSC00366[1] DSC00359[1] DSC00357[1] DSC00352[1] DSC00343[1] DSC00338[1] DSC00337[1] DSC00336[1]

The bus journey home was much quieter than the journey to the aquarium….

DSC00409[1] DSC00406[1] DSC00416[1] DSC00413[1] DSC00418[1] DSC00403[1] DSC00398[1] DSC00396[1]

The Queens Birthday

Here are a few pictures from the Queens 90th birthday celebrations. We played party games, had cakes and mastered ballroom dancing,

DSC00330[1] DSC00333[1] DSC00334[1] DSC00332[1] DSC00326[1] DSC00331[1] DSC00323[1] DSC00322[1] DSC00319[1] DSC00318[1] DSC00316[1]

Click this link to see some of our dancing.

The Queen’s Birthday