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As introduced here, all classes in our school now use Class Dojo to support home-school communication. Β This includes updates on learning which will replace this class blog. If you are a parent of a child in our school and have not yet signed up for Class Dojo, please contact your class teacher for instructions. Once signed up, you can login to Class Dojo with the free Apple or Android apps or login here.

Making bread at LHAΒ 

Following our research of bread and tasting of bread, the children finally had the chance to plan and make their own.

The staff at LHA were happy to invite us over to use their fabulous facilities.

The children kneeded, cut and shaped their own bread before washing up and wiping down tables – yes you read it correctly ‘washing up’. Perhaps they could practise their new skill at home.

Mr M πŸ™‚ 


Connect 4

In Maths today, the children discussed different ways to learn and memorise times tables with Miss Burns. They finished by consolidating their knowledge by playing times tables connect 4.

Mr M πŸ™‚ 


Bread tasting…

The chn have researched different types of bread from around the world. They were then treated to tasting some of these breads – I hope none of the children came home with full lunch boxes after how much bread they are.

Mr M πŸ™‚ 


Still life drawing

The children today worked in their still life drawing skills. They used their perception to draw a scene set in the table. They then used shadow and shading to create their finished masterpieces.

Awesome effort Eagles!

Mr M πŸ™‚ 


What should Jim Jarvis do?

In the workhouse Jim Jarvis has been treated awfully – he has been beaten by Mr Barrack, had his bread stolen by older boys and generally had an awful time.

Jim now faces a dilemma as his ‘wild thing’ beats hard in his chest – should he stay at the workhouse or should he try to escape?

Mr M πŸ™‚


Ahoy Matey!

The feared Captain Redbeard has just returned from one of his journeys across the scary seven seas.

Unfortunately for him, with the choppy seas and strong currents, his boat, Boaty McBoatface was tossed and turned. When he returned to his galley, he found that all the contents of his kitchen had been thrown on to the deck and mixed with sand.

The Captain needed the help of Eagle Class to work as a team and separate the items.

Mr M πŸ™‚