Cube numbers

The children have been learning about square numbers today. We then took this further by manipulating interlocking cubes to explore cube numbers.

Mr M 🙂 


*** Challenge ***

This evening’s challenge is a Geography challenge and you have until Monday morning – prizes will be given to everybody who attempts the challenge and the work will be displayed.

Design a colourful, creative poster detailing the largest cities in the UK by population and area – you could include famous landmarks of those cities.

Have fun!

Mr M 🙂


Have you ever wondered where you might find the nearest post office or whether or not there is adepartment store in your local village? Well today the children have been investigating differences and similarities between villages, towns and cities.

Here are their findings.

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Tree Planting (Part 2)

The children have had a really fab morning getting dirty and wet planting the trees.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who helped us also.

Mr M 🙂 


Tree Planting (Part 1)

This morning, year 5 are planting over 400 trees to help our environment. The children have brought in shovels and spades and are working very hard.






























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Location, Location, Location!

As part of our new Theme unit, ‘Food, glorious Food!’, we have been using computers and atlases to identify major cities of the UK and their location on a map.

We also discussed key differences between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles. I wonder who can remember any of those differences.

Mr M 🙂 


Year 5 remembers…

A big welcome back to children in year 5; I hoe you have all had a lovely break.

This week has seen the children remembering the fallen soldiers of the world wars in assembles and in class during art sessions.

Year 5 remembers.

Mr M 🙂