Neighbourhood Watch

Unfortunately these next 5 weeks are our last together in Year 1. The children have made fantastic progress this year, particularly in their Reading, something which can't be done without the commitment from you as parents and the children as learners, so thank you! 

In these last few weeks we will be exploring our local area, learning how to read types of maps and plans, guide an on screen Beebot around our local area, learn more about information books and get fully stuck in to some tricky problem solving and number fact learning in our Maths. 

We hope you have enjoyed all the updates on this blog during the year and would love to hear your feedback either as a comment on this post or face to face.

Also, just a reminder, we will be continuing to trial RM Easimaths as Maths homework. If you are having any problems using the software or would like to make a comment on what has been used so far, please come and see me any day after school. 

Thank you again for all your support,

Peter Richardson

One thought on “Neighbourhood Watch


    I for one have loved this blog, it has helped us talk to Jack about school and the things he has been doing. I really enjoyed the photos from the trip while you were there, gave me reassurance he was ok (and not saoking in the rain!!) Is this something all classes in school will have or is this something you set up just for year 1.We are also really pleased with how Jack has progressed this year in reading, writing and maths all of which we have tried to build on at home. I must admit not used Easimaths at home could you let me have the instructions/details again and we will try to fit it in.


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