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Penguin Art

We really enjoyed learning to make different shades of blue by mixing it with white in Art this week. We created an ice and sky scene for our penguin drawings. We have displayed lots in our classroom window if you would like to see them. 

Mrs Noblett

Chalk Penguins

In Art this week we have been looking carefully at pictures of penguins to study their shape and colours. We used chalk to draw them and had to be very careful not to smudge our work. 

In English we have been focusing on non-fiction texts and talking about how they are different to fiction texts. We have even begun to write some of our own facts about animals.

Hot and Cold Climates

This week in Geography we have been busy sorting animals by the kind of climate they come from. 

Ask us to tell you if these animals live in a hot or cold climate: 



Polar bear



You could also ask us to retell our class story ‘Lost and Found’ to you.

J Noblett


This week we have designed and built our our robots. We have used junk modelling and then paint to add colour and detail.

We have used the computers to build our own interactive robots too!

We are looking forward to writing our robot stories next week. Some of us have begun writing and drawing our ideas already!

Summer Term

We have been very busy Elephants so far this Summer Term! 

We had lots of fun learning through our ‘The Great Outdoors’ theme before the half term break. We even brought a bit of the outdoors indoors with our very own reading tent.

We had a fantastic time at ‘Bring Yer Wellies’ in the sunshine. We had a go at pond dipping, we did an assault course, had a cork boat race down a stream, built dens and even toasted marshmallows!

We have just begun our new theme ‘Robots’ and now have enough boxes to begin building our own, so thank you!

Growth and Green Fingers

We have spent this week becoming fully immersed in our new learning theme ‘Growth and Green Fingers’. 

We have been looking at instructions on ‘How to grow a sunflower’ in English and most of us have planted our own after following these instructions. Next week we are going to be writing some of our own instructions using all the features that we have discussed such as a ‘How to…’ title, a ‘You will need’ list and numbered instructions that all begin with a bossy verb. 

In Science we have learned the names for different parts of plants and what these parts do. Ask us to tell you what we know about the roots, stem, leaves and flower.

We even became ‘Nature Detectives’ for an afternoon to search our school for plants to look at and talk about.

Self Portraits

Over the past two weeks in our Art sessions we have been learning all about self portraits. 

We looked at some portraits and self portraits by famous artists as a starting point for own work. Jake thinks that Mrs Noblett looks a bit like a smilier version of the Mona Lisa! 

We then carefully looked into mirrors and paid close attention to the position of our features. We were very surprised to find that our eyes sit in the middle of our faces rather than the top as we first thought. 

So we used a faint template to draw our own self portraits, making sure our eyes sat on the middle line:

We later used half a photo of our faces to help us in selecting the correct colours and tones for our self portraits:

We have also enjoyed painting and drawing our self portraits during Continuous Provision:

Ask us why we call them self portraits rather than just portraits and see if we can tell you!