We have been creating still-life drawings and paintings of a group of objects, and trying to carefully show the effects of light and shade on these.

Although our work is still in progress, below are a few examples of Falcon’s budding artists!

dscn4783 dscn4782 dscn4781 dscn4780 dscn4779 dscn4777 dscn4776 dscn4775 dscn4773 dscn4772 dscn4771 dscn4770 dscn4769 dscn4768 dscn4767 dscn4766 dscn4764 dscn4763 dscn4762 dscn4761 dscn4760 dscn4759 dscn4758 dscn4757 dscn4756 dscn4755 dscn4753 dscn4752 dscn4751

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