It’s hip to be square!

Mr. Sherwin’s maths group put their expertise in using squared and cubed numbers to good use when they visited Mr. Reynolds’ maths class.

Having designed games which involved solving lots of tricky questions and challenges, they taught the Year 4 children all about these type of numbers!

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Treemendous Planting!

This morning, Year 5 braved the elements and ventured out onto the school field equipped with spades and trowels, ready to create their own woodland for future generations and to provide shady areas!

We managed to plant nearly 300 trees around the perimeter of the field – a mammoth team effort!

Special thanks to everyone who took part, especially to those mums, dads and grandparents who were able to join us for the dig!  Thanks, also, to everyone who lent digging tools for the morning!

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The evil Stick Man

Chapter two of our new book “Street Child” sees the appearance of the evil Victorian landlord, Mr. Spink, known to all as the Stick Man, because of the walking cane raps on the floor.

In the chapter, the Jarvis’ family are forced to leave their filthy, dilapidated room when they have no money left to pay the rent to Mr. Spink.

We acted out the scene below, taking on the roles of the characters.  Look out for some particularly terrifying Mr. Spinks…

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Newspaper office

As part of our work linked to English and Computing, this morning we discussed the layout and contents of newspapers and then set about completing a newspaper feature hunt.

This afternoon, donning our Victorian reporters’ hats, we began to research what life was like for poor families in Victorian times, ready to splash details of our investigation on the front page!

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Nutty about Netball

The new term began on a sporty note when Year 5 had the first of their sessions of netball coaching, led by Ryan, a sports specialist from South Ribble Borough Council.  On a sunny but cool afternoon, we were put through our paces practising the skills that will help us develop into world-class netballers (probably).

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Zombie maths

A chance to finish the half-term off by playing some of our favourite maths games, plus the new fiendishly tricky “Thirty one” game of strategy and addition – and all with a Hallowe’en theme!

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May the force be with you

We were fortunate, again, to be visited by Adrian the Scientist, who treated us to another of his amazing workshops – this time on the subject of “forces”.

As usual, we were held spellbound by some of the investigations Adrian showed us, and enjoyed taking part as an assistant!

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