January 2012

Dear Parents,
The children have now settled into their new teacher and are working hard.
We began January, by talking about Louis Braille and the characteristics that helped him to make an important contribution to the world, through the invention of braille.The children enjoyed looking at the braille alphabet, and also making and painting their names in braille.
Since the second week, we have been involved in the Bright Sparks theme. This has taken two directions.
1. The children have been learning about electricity.
 They have enjoyed finding mains and battery powered appliances around school and may have been asking about electrical appliances at home. The children have found out lots about safety when using electricity and last week all children in class made their first circuit and tested lots of batteries, trying to find out what is needed to make a bulb light. Next week, we will be making lighthouses and seeing if we can actually light the bulb in them.  
2. Our literacy focus has been the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch and the children have enjoyed looking at the characters and the adventures they have had. This week we have dressed up as Mr and Mrs Grinling and acted out the pair being stuck on a rock all night, because Mr Grinling was too fat to get home. (See photos)
If your child would like to work on the lighthouse keeper theme at home an excellent activity can be found at www.purplemash.com/lighthouse. Erin has completed an example to show you what can be done.


One thought on “January 2012

  1. Erin's Mum

    Gosh, it sounds like the lighthouse keeper is very busy. At least he is not lonely with a cat for company. I wonder if he shares his fish lunch with his furry friend?


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