Peace, love and harmony!

Eat your heart out Leeds, Glastonbury, Reading and “V”, the festival to be seen at, starring the biggest names in music, was right here at Waltonbury!

As you can see in the pictures, a massive crowd joined in the festival spirit and recreated the hazy days of the 1960s.  Peace and love, man…

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2 thoughts on “Peace, love and harmony!

  1. Catherine Dobson

    We enjoyed Waltonbury, and this was brilliant. Everyone certainly got into the 60s spirit, led by the unrecognisable Mr Sherwin! Come on, there should be a picture of you on here.

    1. jsherwin Post author

      Thank you! I thought all the hard work everyone had put into their costumes, banners, etc. seemed to be worthwhile.
      I only wish my hair was like that in real life!


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