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An update for kakapo

 some of our clay models of fruit. 

   We made pasta salad. It looked, smelt and tasted great! 

 Last week we carried out experiments on rocks in science.  We tested to see if they are heavy and if they are permeable. 

   Our trip to White Scar caves was amazing.  We followed the path of the explorer Christopher Long, who discovered the caves in 1923.

Kakapo class gallery so far …

Learning French

   Balancing, creating shapes and learning dance routines with Sarah.
Science show.


 In maths we have looked at handling data, creating frequency tables and then pictograms, bar charts and line graphs.


  In design technology each table has created a structure with wood.  We used saws, glue guns and wired as a team.

In science we have been looking at nutrition and looking at food groups.