Science Life Education Centre

We visited the Mobile Science Life Education Centre this afternoon where we learned all about the human body and how to look after ourselves.

We helped Harry’s brain to send a message to his (Freya’s) hand to wave and, finally, helped a couple of friends to compromise when they were faced with a problem.

This was a great hour spent learning about our body and how to look after it, and other people!

DSCN2352 DSCN2353 DSCN2354 DSCN2355 DSCN2357 DSCN2360 DSCN2356

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

In our study of the classic poem (and well-known traditional story) “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, we set up an outdoor theatre in which to perform our versions of the story.

As you can see from the pictures, the town of Hamelin was overrun with particularly nasty rats, until a mysterious, brightly-coloured Piper lured them all away with his magical tune.  Unfortunately, after being refused his payment by the Mayor, he returned to exact revenge on the people of Hamelin!

All this was played out to a captivated audience!

DSCN2320 DSCN2323 DSCN2325 DSCN2327 DSCN2330 DSCN2331 DSCN2333 DSCN2334 DSCN2335 DSCN2336 DSCN2338 DSCN2326 DSCN2328

Games of skill and strategy

Using mathematical skills and strategies to outwit an opponent were the order of the day when we played in our teams games such as “Cross the Bridge”, “Never Touch” and “Hexagon”.

So far, Green Team has an early lead, but all could change after the final round next week!

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Do you remember?

Throughout the week we have been looking back at the past five decades of popular music, toys, fashion, food, transport and TV.  Here is some of our work on display in the classroom.