Learn Its

We are using ‘Learn Its’ to increase the instant recall of calculations and for an integral part of our school’s homework, being practised daily (little and often).

To find out what calculations should be learnt as facts and when, please click here.

For detailed support on how to help your child learn number bonds as facts, please click here.

For detailed support on how to help your child learn times tables as facts, please click here.

Each year group from Reception to Y4 are given addition and multiplication calculations to turn into instant recall facts. They should also know the inverse of these (subtraction and division) as facts. The aim of the ‘Learn Its’ is to ensure that by the end of Year 2, all addition (and subtraction) calculations under 20 are facts. By the end of Year 4, all multiplication (and division) calculations up to 12 x 12 are facts. This is so they can be applied instantly to many areas of Mathematics.

These facts are like the foundations of a house. if they are not secure, the house will not be built well and will be unstable. There is little chance of building further due to this instability. Conversely, a house with very strong foundations (a good instant recall of facts), can be anything it wants to be, an architectural marvel, a high rise building or a family home. Get the foundations right and the rest will follow.

The sheet that is sent home is to be used as a ‘home assessment’ so you can guide your child in developing instant recall for calculations that are not yet facts. Homework is not ‘to complete the sheet’ alone.