Our theme this term has been transport. We have been looking at a variety of different ways to travel. In our classroom we have an aeroplane and airport which the children have enjoyed travelling to many exotic locations including Tenerife and Lancaster.

IMG_4666IMG_4648 IMG_4649 IMG_4650 IMG_4651 Outside we have a train station including a ticket office and train. IMG_4657We have been focusing on the story Rosie’s walk and in PE we thought of ideas on how to act out the story. The children thought of different equipment we could use in order to travel in a variety of different ways like Rosie.
IMG_4818 IMG_4825 IMG_4827During number time we have been looking at car registration plates recognising a variety of different numbers and some letters! Back in the classroom we have been playing number plate Bingo which is one of our favourite games.

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