Online Assessments Explained

Each term we provide parents of all children from Year 1 to Year 6 with an online report/assessment showing how your child is progressing and achieving in their Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Each report includes:

Here is a video helping you login and understand the structure of the online report/assessment:


Attainment and progress explained:

In the graph, you will see how your child is currently performing in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These are the lines that say ‘below, towards, at, GD’. This is now the terminology we will be using that will replace ‘entering, developing, secure, advanced’. It is consistent with the Year 2 and Year 6 terminology in the SATS tests. It means:

Below = Working significantly below the expectation of that year group. I.E. Working at a previous year group level.

Towards = Working towards the expectation of that year group. IE. They are below the expected standard but still working within their current year group’s learning.

At = Currently at the expected standard for their year group.

GD = They have greater depth of their year group’s curriculum. IE. Children who are more able will develop the depth of their understanding rather than move on to ‘the next year group’s curriculum’.

Here are 2 examples:

Child A: January = ‘At’, March = ‘At’. This child is currently ‘At’ the expected standard for their year group. They were also ‘At’ the expected standard in January. They have made the expected progress between January and March to maintain this.

Child B: January = ‘Towards’, March = ‘At’. This child is currently ‘At’ the expected standard for their year group. They were working on that year group’s objectives in January but overall, they hadn’t understood them well enough to be ‘At’ the expected standard. So they have made better than expected progress to move them from ‘Towards’ to ‘At’.

In order to help parents see their children’s progress if they consistently remains at any standard (e.g. ‘below, below, below’ or ‘GD, GD, GD’), we have also included our new high quality test scores for Reading and Mathematics. These ‘Hodder scores’ should increase over a period of time. The speed they increase can be another way of viewing the rate of progress of your child. Obviously, with any test, an individual result can throw up anomalies. Your teacher will be able to discuss any results with you.

Please ignore the scale of the graph on the left hand side.