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Dear parents and carers,
Here are the curriculum plans for summer term 2:
Literacy: The children will be focusing on the story 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl. Already this week the children have done lots of short plays and performed them in front of the rest of the class about what they predict will happen at different parts of the story. The children will be writing their own versions of the book and changing the characters, plot and setting to make their stories even funnier.
Maths: One of the main maths focuses for this half term will be money. Following on from the Infant Enterprise Day the children will be learning how to pay for things, give correct change and creating budgets by adding up different amounts of money. To support your child with their development in handling money, please let them choose the right coins if you are ever in a shop and not in a hurry!
Science: Children will be learning about forces and movement and designing an investigation into this.
ICT: Children will be learning all about databases. They will be learning how to gather information from existing databases then develop the skills to make their own including a branching database.
P.E: The children will be completing their gymnastics assessments where they will be videoed performing a sequence they have designed involving jumps, balances and travels.
Geography: The children will be learning to make comparisons between the features of different places and and on our school trip they will be using field work skills to carry out research.
Thank you for your support.
Mr Holding

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