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As introduced here, all classes in our school now use Class Dojo to support home-school communication.  This includes updates on learning which will replace this class blog. If you are a parent of a child in our school and have not yet signed up for Class Dojo, please contact your class teacher for instructions. Once signed up, you can login to Class Dojo with the free Apple or Android apps or login here.

Hot and Cold Countries

As part of our learning theme Penguins, Possums and Pigs we will be travelling around the globe and investigating what places are like, what it’s like to live there, the climate and types of animals that live in hot and cold countries across the world. Today we’ve used maps of the world, images and video clips to help locate some hot and cold countries and discuss what it’s like there. 

Our learning this week

This week we have been learning to measure using standard and non-standard units of measure. In English we have been learning about recounts and have sequenced the story of Topsy and Tim ready to write up this week.
In theme work we have been looking at old toys and this week we will be learning about the UK and capital cities. Today we had a great time in our science show learning about materials. 


Our learning this week

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 1 from any two digit number. We have also been learning to tell the time.
In English we have looked at some traditional tales and practiced re-telling the story using picture prompts. 
Finally, in theme work we have been looking at pictures from different stages in our life and discussing how people change as they grow older.